I know you.

You have big dreams and goals

and you’re ready to live a more aligned and empowered life

but your anxiety, fear, and self-doubt is getting in the way.

You want to be kinder to yourself

because you are your own worst critic,

and your fear often prevents you from taking action.

You’re tired of hustling to feel “successful”

and you’re feeling unfulfilled and burnt out.

You want to define what true success really looks like to you…

and you’re ready to go in the direction of your dreams.

I feel you, friend. You’ve come to the right place.


A few years ago, I was having almost daily panic attacks and I was waking up at 4am every morning, terrified of facing another day.

I was lost and scared. I felt utterly and completely alone. I was in the wrong job with no idea of what I really wanted to do with my life.

I stopped seeing my friends because I was so ashamed of how anxious and unhappy I was.

When I looked around at the life I had created for myself, I realized it was completely and utterly wrong for me.

Until one day I decided that enough was enough. I had to learn to be kinder to myself.

I got help, and I began the uncomfortable inner work of figuring out what had led me to this breaking point.

Most importantly, I had to discover who I was and what a truly aligned life really looked like. 

It took me four more years (plus two years of graduate school and countless other jobs) to figure out what that life looked like, but now I am living it.

I quit my 9-5 in higher education where I was underpaid and undervalued and became an alignment coach.

I finally found the courage to step into my most aligned + empowered life, and I want to help you do the same.


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60-minute mindset deep dive

What you’ll receive:

  • Discover what your most aligned + empowered life looks like through a guided “Aligned Future Self” visualization 

  • Identify limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and areas of your life that are currently not in alignment with your authentic self

  • Create an action plan with wellness tools and mindset practices that you can implement immediately following the call


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12-week program

What you’ll receive:

  • 12 weeks of weekly 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom

  • Unlimited messaging support between sessions (voice message and text)

  • Exercises and visualizations to help you reflect on your biggest dreams and your most aligned + empowered life

  • Guidance on embodying your authentic self and achieving meaningful goals that are aligned with who you truly are

  • All of the tools and practices you need to put your mind at ease and find deep kindness towards yourself while you pursue and achieve your aligned goals

  • Accountability, support, guidance, and intentional space to truly reflect on where you are and where you want to go

  • FREE access to any ebooks, guides, trainings, or other coaching programs I release during this time

Topics we’ll cover:

Understanding Your Inner Critic

Accessing Your Inner Knowing

Befriending Fear

Cultivating Self-Love + Self-Awareness

Discovering Your Authentic Self

Releasing Judgments from Yourself + Others

Aligning Your Masculine + Feminine Energies

Embodying Your Authentic Self + Living in Complete Alignment


*payment plans available