The Podcast You Need To Be Listening To If You Struggle With Anxiety


If you struggle with anxiety, then this podcast is here to help! I fell in love with the “Awesome with Alison” podcast a few months ago, and Alison’s honesty around mindset and mental health issues is so helpful and inspiring.

Who is this Alison girl, anyway?

I discovered the Awesome with Alison podcast through one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, Studio DIY, who featured her podcast on their blog because they are the LA guests for her Awesome with Alison IRL podcast tour! So that’s how I stumbled upon Awesome with Alison, and let me tell you…this is now one of my favorite. podcasts. EVER! And I listen to a lot of podcasts. This podcast has a special, magical mix of hilarity, vulnerability, positivity, and uniqueness that lifts me up every time I listen in.

Alison’s story is also a really interesting one, and she lets us in on a lot of those details through the podcast. Alison is an incredibly charismatic, successful, and creative entrepreneur who has been creating content online for over a decade, but she isn’t afraid to tell us that she still struggles with anxiety, feelings of worthiness and comparison, and mom guilt (she and her husband have three young kids). This makes her all the more real, and through the conversations on her podcasts she somehow gets her guests to divulge their truest, most vulnerable selves (probably by being her truest, most vulnerable self), which I really appreciate as a listener.

Alison co-hosts the podcast with her husband Eric – he often chimes in with his own thoughts on whatever topic they’re discussing that day, and it’s clear how collaborative and supportive (and adorable) their relationship is. He also produces music and has his own company, Pleasant Pictures Music Club. At the end of each episode they play a song he’s produced, and the songs are all amazing! You can tell that they each being their own flavor to the podcast, and that it truly is a collaborative labor of love for them.


My favorite (must-listen) episodes!

  • Ep. 56: Finding your voice, value, and contribution with Jessica Dahlquist – This is my absolute favorite episode so far. Jessica and Alison have been friends since high school, and their close bond is apparent. This episode gets very vulnerable and very real – the two reflect on high school, motherhood, their careers, and how they both pushed past their own fear to start (now super successful) podcasts. This episode was so inspiring that I actually started thinking about starting my own podcast someday (stay tuned).

  • Ep. 52: My anxiety journey (ding!) – This episode gets pretty dark and very personal, but I really appreciate how much Alison is willing to share in order to make her listeners feel like they’re not alone. And it’s incredible how much she’s been through when she appears to be always so sunny and bubbly – it’s a great reminder that everyone has issues that may not present on the surface. She also gives very concrete steps to help overcome anxiety and to get the help you need. I loved this episode!

  • Ep. 53: Mastering Growth, Confidence, and Life with Joy Cho! – You can really tell in this episode how much Joy and Alison respect and inspire each other, and this conversation was a delight to listen to. Joy shares some issues she struggles with, even in the midst of outward success (Joy has almost half a million followers on instagram) and she explains how finding a life coach has helped her in both her personal life and in her career. Overall, this episode is refreshing, sweet, honest, and inspiring.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 3.48.51 PM.png

So, if you can’t tell, I love this podcast. It’s uplifting and, as Alison’s motto says, it will definitely leave you feeling a little bit more awesome than you did before. In her words, “Only you can be you, and you’re already just as awesome as you need to be.” Thanks, Alison. You have truly inspired me to create, dig deep, and be just as awesome as I am.

Xoxo, Melina