Love To Learn? Listen To This Podcast!

“Getting Curious” by Jonathan Van Ness is an amazing and hilarious podcast that gets extremely real on many of today’s current issues. JVN interviews experts, friends, and even his mom and has hilarious conversations that will teach you so much about the world today. Keep reading for my full reviews and to see which episodes were my favorite!

Queer Eye for the Smart Guy

Confession – I became mildly obsessed with Jonathan Van Ness after watching the second season of Queer Eye a few months ago. That tends to happen to me after I get really into a good TV show  – I focus on one celebrity in the show and suddenly I need to know everything about them (hello, Kit Harington).

So, after watching Queer Eye Season 2 I just wanted more JVN in my life. (And yes, I’ve seen the first season also, but there was just something about JVN in season 2 that tugged on my fangirl heartstrings.) I just love how he is so. unapologetically. himself. And of course he’s hilarious too, something I always wish I was even though I consider myself one of the least funny people on the planet (is humor a skill that one can get better at, btw? Asking for a friend).


How do I get more JVN?

So, after I finished Season 2 in like two days, I needed to find another way to keep hearing those amazing one-liners and sassy comebacks. And then I discovered his podcast, Getting Curious. I listened to a few episodes and I loved it! Not only do I love JVN (obviously) and his unique voice, but I love that the theme of the podcast is about how he considers himself a naturally curious person who’s always trying to learn more about the world. As a lifelong learner myself (see my last post on this here), I love that the overarching theme of his podcast is the pursuit of learning more about a subject or about the person he’s interviewing.


JVN tackles a LOT of diverse subjects on his podcast, from the suicide rates of LGBTQ+ youth to psychedelics to modeling in the fashion industry . In some episodes, he interviews experts and in some he interviews friends (and his mom! So cute). While I haven’t listened to all of the episodes yet, I’ll list a few of my favorites below:

1. Being a Fierce Woman in Comedy? With Nicole Byer and Erin Gibson

This episode is one of his most hilarious because it’s basically three comedians riffing off of each other at a live taping in Montreal (so you get audience laughs too)! Jonathan sits down with Nicole Byer (of Nailed It! fame -a hilariously awkward show if you haven’t seen it already) and his Gay of Thrones co-creator Erin Gibson and discusses everything from Roseanne, to white privilege, to all of their pets (JVN tells a hilarious story about his cats on Xanax). There are plenty of Canada jokes, and everything Nicole Byer says is hilarious. A+!

2. What Was Jonathan Like As A Kid? With Mary Winters, Jonathan’s Mom

This episode was so cute! It satisfied my own curiosity about Jonathan himself (or Jack, the name he went by as a kid), and his relationship with his mom is so sweet and tender. They both talk about Jonathan’s crazy antics as a kid, including an interpretive dance routine to a Jewel song that he performed in his sixth grade talent show. They also discuss his experiences with intense bullying during his childhood and how those experiences have undoubtedly shaped who he is today – Jonathan stresses that his childhood was not sunshine and rainbows despite his current bubbly personality.

3. How Are You Bridging Social Media & Lady-Entrepreneurship? with Reese Witherspoon

Yes please! Two topics I am getting more and more interested in with the woman who founded one of my favorite companies, Hello Sunshine! I haven’t listened yet but I can’t wait to listen to this one!

I love this podcast for many reasons, but mostly because I love hearing random stories or pieces of advice from JVN himself and because I love the variety of topics he covers. If you love Queer Eye, you’ll likely love this podcast! You get a different side of Jonathan than you do on the show, and you get to learn more about him in the process (while learning cool things you probably didn’t otherwise know! Win win win, right?)!

Have you listened to Getting Curious? Which episode is your favorite so far?

Xoxo, Melina