Feeling Lost? This Book Can Help!

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If you’re feeling unsure about your next career move, job switch, or if you just have no idea what you want to do with your life in general, this book is here to help! I read this book a couple of months ago and it really helped me through my feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt. Keep reading for my full review and my favorite lines from the book!

The painful truth about the unknown future

How many times have we heard, “I just feel so lost”? Or how about “I don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going in life”? It’s a particular human affliction to feel like we need to have every step on our path mapped out for us to feel comfortable, and I know I definitely fall into that trap much more often than I’d like. The truth is that life is not linear. We don’t ever know where we’re going, even if we think we do. As someone who tends to make decisions quickly just because I want to have some kind of plan and because I want to feel like I know what my future is going to look like, this is a particularly painful (and terrifying) realization.

But in the expert (and hilarious, and no-nonsense) hands of Maxie McCoy, feeling like we don’t have everything all figured out doesn’t seem so bad after all. I first discovered Maxie through instagram (@maxiemccoy) and I immediately loved her bright, bubbly, feminist aesthetic – intrigued, I quickly clicked over to her website to learn more about her and immediately devoured her story – how she changed dreams from sports broadcaster to helping grow Levo, an online career platform for millenials, to becoming her own boss and helping empower women to achieve their dreams.

Her journey was inspiring and her brand was fresh, funny, and relatable. I then saw that she had just published a new book, You’re Not Lost, “a tough-loving guide to figuring out your next steps and believing in yourself enough to take them,” and couldn’t put it in my Amazon cart fast enough.

My favorite pieces of advice from Maxie

When I started reading the book I could not. put. it. down. It was like she was speaking directly to me – like she had somehow been inside my head and knew exactly what I needed to hear. Reading the book felt like sitting with a dear friend who was offering me the best tough-love advice with a side of empathy and “you got this, girl” empowerment. Some of my favorite lines in the book have become some of my daily mantras:

  • “You’ll start by starting. You’ll take one teeny, tiny step, something small, today. And then tomorrow. And then the next day. And all the days after it. The steps will get bigger, and you’ll feel more sure about your path.”

  • “Life isn’t a well-planned trip down Highway 1; you don’t need to know where you’ll end up in order to begin. Here’s what you do need: a deep, deep sense of self-belief.”

  • And my personal favorite, the line that stopped me in my tracks because it somehow summed up exactly what I’ve almost always felt in every stage of my life and have never known how to put in words: “If you don’t trust the process and learn to enjoy this experience, success will always be elusive…If you choose not to see your current situation with any kind of positivity, you risk never finding what you want at all. Because you’ll always be raising the bar on yourself.”

Life isn’t a well-planned trip down Highway 1; you don’t need to know where you’ll end up in order to begin. Here’s what you do need: a deep, deep sense of self-belief.
— Maxie McCoy

Though this book technically is directed towards women who may be confused about their career path or general life direction, it’s also so much more than that. It’s an advice column, a warm hug for our most bitter and jaded inner critic, a cup of electric espresso that gets us fired up and ready to go. Anyone can benefit from Maxie’s words – they certainly helped me during a time of major self-doubt and confusion. And I hope they can help you, too – whether you feel “lost” or not. Because if being lost means not knowing where we’ll end up, aren’t we all a little lost? The future may be unknown, but that also means it’s full of infinite possibilities.

Xoxo, Melina