5 Ways I Use Essential Oils To Promote Physical, Mental, And Spiritual Wellbeing

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I first began using essential oils a few years ago, when a friend who regularly used them explained the basics to me and gave me some examples of how she used them in her everyday life. I had heard of essential oils and their many benefits but it all seemed overwhelming and confusing, and I had no idea where to start. If you’ve wanted to start using essential oils but are unsure what they are or how to use them, or if you’re just looking for some new uses for them, then read on!

I can’t say enough about the benefits of essential oils, and they have played a huge part in my spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness over the past few years. Essential oils have helped me use less chemicals in my home and are natural mood enhancers. They can also help with tons of physical ailments and can improve mental health and sleep as well – so they’re basically magic!

But what are they really? Essential oils are essentially (ha) oils extracted directly from plants, and are very concentrated forms of whichever plant they’re extracted from. There are hundreds of varieties, and you can either buy the oil alone or in a blend (which is usually two or more oils combined to make a new fragrance).

I use essential oils in my home daily, and below are some of my favorite ways to use them to enhance my wellbeing (mental, physical, and spiritual)!


1. Diffuse them

Diffusing oils is my favorite way to use them. I have this diffuser and I love it (and it’s half off right now!), but Amazon sells many different ones! I have one at my desk at work and another one at home, and I use them almost daily. What’s nice about diffusers is that you can put any combination of oils into them (i.e. a few drops of lavender, a few drops of grapefruit, and a few drops of orange) to make your own blends. Or you can buy pre-made blends (this is one of my favorite blends from DoTerra – it’s a combination of orange, grapefruit, and vanilla…so good) and just drop them in!

Diffusing oils is a great mood booster in the morning, way to calm down and prepare for bed at night, or just refresh your mind at any time of day. With all issues with the chemicals in scented candles, diffusing oils is a much healthier way to bring fragrance into your workplace or home in a safe way.

2. Put them in the bath or shower

I love putting several drops of lavender essential oil into my nightly baths….I’m not big on bubble bath or bath bombs (I know, sue me!) and I do like bath salts occasionally, but just dropping in some essential oil straight into the water feels like a clean and natural way to make my bath feel more luxurious…without all the added chemicals. You can also try making shower melts (eucalyptus is my favorite in these) and leaving them in the shower as the water runs – it makes your shower feel like a spa!

3. Make natural cleaners

When I first got into essential oils, I bought some spray bottles and made natural cleaners. I love using these, and it’s a great and cheap way to get started with switching to natural cleaning products (which as we know can be time-consuming and expensive when you’re starting out). If you’ve been wanting to start switching to more natural cleaning products but don’t know where to start, just buy some empty perfume or spray bottles, some lemon essential oil (or whichever scent you prefer), add some water, and there you go! You now have a 

4. Make natural air fresheners

Similarly to natural cleaners, it’s super easy to make natural air fresheners with oils and I infinitely prefer them to Febreeze. Just buy a few spray bottles (these ones are super cute), add some water, some carrier oil (I use this almond oil), and a few drops of whichever oils you’d prefer (I usually use a citrus blend with some lavender and peppermint – creates a really refreshing scent)! Then replace your Febreeze or other air fresheners with these natural air fresheners! You can write fragrance names on them with paint pens, too. Get creative!

5. Put them directly on skin!

Before putting oils directly on your skin, always dilute them in a carrier like the one I mentioned above, but when I’m feeling especially anxious I like to rub lavender on my wrists or even on my heart and I immediately feel calmer. I also sometimes rub lavender on my wrists before I meditate, and take a few deep breaths of it to calm and center myself before I start. It really helps me connect to the breath and ground myself before beginning my practice. If you’re curious about other uses for essential oils and your emotions, I highly recommend this book! It will provide a lot more information than I’ve shared here!

Hopefully after reading this you have a few new ideas for using essential oils! They’ve truly helped me in so many ways, and are safer and cleaner than all the chemical-filled toxic products we normally use in our homes. Using clean products is a wonderful way to stay well, and the added mental and physical benefits of using essential oils are a no-brainer to me! Have you used essential oils before? What are your favorite uses for them?

Xoxo, Melina