5 Quick Tips For Practicing Gratitude Daily (That Don’t Involve Gratitude Journaling!)


Practicing gratitude shouldn’t be a once-a-year activity – it should be cultivated all year round. Keep reading to learn what I’m grateful for this year as well as some tips to help you practice gratitude more regularly (that don’t involve gratitude journaling, because I know you’ve all heard that one many times)!

Since Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago (I hope everyone had a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving, by the way!), I wanted to share some of the things I’m most grateful for this year, as well as a few tips for practicing gratitude year-round. While it’s great to reflect on what we’re grateful for on Thanksgiving, it’s so important to try to make gratitude a regularly practice (beyond just a gratitude journal, because we’ve all heard that one before and it’s sometimes easier said than done).


My tips for infusing gratitude into your life year-round:

1. Start the morning by thinking of 3 things you’re grateful for (the more specific, the better)!

It’s an amazing feeling to wake up grateful, and a wonderful way to start your day. If you’re like me and you find it really hard to meditate in the morning, this is a great way to both infuse more gratitude AND to practice mindfulness in the morning.

2. Include a few things you’re grateful for in your meditation or mindfulness practice.

My meditation practices usually centers around gratitude because I’m usually trying to reframe negative thoughts, and gratitude really helps with that. This is easy to weave into an established meditation practice and can really help shift your mindset.

3. Tell one person in your life that you’re grateful for them and why. 

This could be anyone – a boss, coworker, your Starbucks barista, or a friend. Take the time to sincerely thank someone for something they helped you with or just tell them why you’re grateful for them in general! It will make their day and yours!

4. Start an email chain with a friend (or a few friends!) and email each other 1-2 things you’re grateful for on a regular basis. 

This will help keep you accountable and you’ll love reading your friends’ responses! I’ve been a part of one of these before and I loved it. Tip: it’s better to keep this to a few friends who really want to participate! Maybe you each take turns listing what you’re grateful for each day.

5. Include gratitude in dinnertime conversation. 

Instead of the dreaded, “How was your day?” ask your partner, family, or roommate what they’re grateful for today (or tell your pet – they count, too!). It may be weird at first but it will make for much better conversation than the usual venting session or general “it was fine” response you may get otherwise.


There are a million small things I’m grateful for every day, but here are a few big things I’m grateful for this year:

1. My blog. 

I am so, so, so grateful for this newfound joy of mine. It has taught me so much in the few short months I’ve been at it, and I can’t wait to see how much more I’ll learn and grow. I’ll write a lengthier post about blogging in my end of the year reflection, but blogging has truly brought me SO much joy these past few months. I can’t remember what my life was like before it! I’m grateful too to the amazing bloggers that have come before me and who inspired me to start my own!

2. Living in Los Angeles.

When I was looking for a job after finishing graduate school in spring, I was potentially going to move away from LA, but I ended up getting a job here and I am so happy I did! Having been born and raised here, LA is a huge part of me and I’m so glad I get to call this vibrant and creative city home.

3. My family and friends.

Duh! I’m so lucky to have such an amazing and supportive fiancé (who I get to call my husband in just three short months!) and friends + family who live so close. My friends are so great at making sure we keep in touch when life gets busy, and anytime I see them it’s like no time has passed. I’m truly grateful for so many deep relationships where we love each other despite our flaws, celebrate each other in good times, and lean on each other in not-so-good times. I love you all so much!


Thank you so, so much for reading my blog. Whether this is your first time here or you’ve read every post, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you. To every person who’s told me they’ve read my posts or that I’ve helped or inspired them in some way, I can’t thank you enough. It’s why I do what I do and I am so #batshitgrateful that I’m able to help people, even in small ways. I am truly so passionate about wellness, personal growth, creativity, and positivity that I literally get giddy every time I write a post (like right now)! I am so grateful I get to share my words and thoughts with you – thank you SO much for taking the time out of your day to read. It means the world to me.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Tell me what you’re grateful for this year in the comments!

Xoxo, Melina